Lockdown info

 Info regarding lockdown (5th Nov - December 2nd)

As everyone will be aware, we have another national lockdown looming upon us.

This will obviously raise a few questions on how the lab will operate, so we’ve made this page to hopefully help answer those questions.

During the week commencing 2nd November, we are open:

Monday to Thursday from 9am - 5pm

We won’t be allowing anyone in to drop off negatives in person,
HOWEVER we do have the letterbox which goes directly into our lab, so you can still drop off your films in that way.
Obviously you can still post your films through the post and we will be on it as soon as it arrives with us.

We’ve changed our free shipping code from a minimum spend of £25 down to £20 to help with return postage costs for people that aren’t local.

Our turnaround is and should stay at 3 days from receiving your post, but we will update our socials / this page if anything changes.

If there are any other questions, feel free to email hello@takeiteasylab.com

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