Developing colour film

Your colour films are in good hands thanks to this trusty workhorse, our Noritsu V50 film processor. 

Two rolls of film are placed into the machine at a time and the development process takes ten minutes from start to finish. The Noritsu V50 can process up to 50 rolls an hour, hence the name!

Opted for the Dip & Dunk option in our professional services section? Take a look below!

Dip & dunk developing

Our C41 Dip & Dunk developing option is processed at our Make It Easy Nottingham branch and is the VIP treatment for your colour negative film.

Unlike traditional mini-lab processing where film is pulled through the chemicals by a series of rollers, Dip and Dunk processed films never touch anything other than the processing chemicals themselves.

This means there's absolutely no risk of tears, scratches or other damage occurring during the film development process - perfect for extremely important or fragile film. Push/pull processing is available at no extra cost.

Take a look at our Professional service options here

Black and white developing, in-house

All of your black and white film developing is done in-house at our Leeds lab by our trusty Noritsu QSF 430L.

Two rolls are placed into the machine at a time and can develop up to 30 rolls an hour. 

See our black and white developing options here

Scanning your films

Once your films are developed, it's time for our scanners to do their bit.

We have 4 top of the range lab scanners, The Noritsu HS1800

Our Noritsu HS1800's are seriously impressive. The Noritsu's have great colour rendition, shadow/highlight detail and can output 16 bit uncompressed tiff. The software also allows us to produce flat scans if required, perfect for post processing..

Prints from negatives / digital files

We now offer beautiful, high quality photo prints from our Epson dry-lab printer.

Prints are available from 6x4" all the way up to 12x18" on 250gsm gloss and lustre paper. 

Prints can be uploaded here and can be digital or film!

Doing our bit for the environment.

From our experience of working in film labs in the past we knew how much waste comes from film processing.

We wanted to be as sustainable as we could in our lab. Our chemical waste is collected in the lab by using a Metafix filtration system, which filters the chemicals so the waste is safe to be poured down a drain. The silver is recovered via the system which then goes on to be used in silver jewellery / cutlery etc!

Film waste = Recycled furniture and money for charity

We keep all of the metal film canisters that come from processing your film, selling them to customers who can use them to reload cameras or make little plant holders from! All of the money from these sales goes to MAP, a Leeds based charity that is an alternative education provider working with young people who are unable to access the mainstream school system.

We also supply plastic film canisters to local based Motley Makers, a Mirfield-based bespoke fabrication studio with a passion for sustainability and supporting the local community. These canisters are melted down and are used on a wide range of things such as table tops / coasters etc.