Why is my film blank?

Why is my film blank?

We totally understand the disappointment of getting a blank roll back from the lab - it's happened to us all at some point!  Although it's not always easy to decipher exactly what has happened, checking your negatives is a good place to start your detective work.


My negative is totally transparent 

What does it mean?

If there are no images on your film and it looks totally transparent, then no light has made it to the film, or so little light that it is underexposed and nothing has been recorded on the film.

What caused it?

If your film comes back like this then it could be one of the following things: The camera is broken, the film wasn't loaded correctly, the exposure settings were completely wrong or, you sent an unused roll. 



My negative is totally opaque

What does it mean?

If your film has no images on and is totally opaque, then the film was exposed to so much light that the film is completely 'fogged'. 

What  caused it?

The most common reason for this type of issue is that the camera has been opened before the film was rewound into the canister. It's important to remember that film is sensitive to light until it has been developed.  If you're unsure if your film has rewound, or you're unsure how to do this yourself, we're always more than happy help.

 If in doubt, you can always drop us a message and ask!