A few questions with Emily Ashcroft

A few questions with Emily Ashcroft

What do you love most about shooting film?

There is something really different about shooting film compared to digital, I love the colour pallet and texture of the images. Having your Film rolls, loading them in the camera, figuring out what light to use, taking time framing your subject, there is a lot to the process of shooting film that's fun. Personally I think shooting film makes you a better photographer, you respect each frame more and you don't become snap happy.

What is your favourite film stock to use and why?

Currently I love Kodak Pro image 100. I feel like no one talks about it ha, but it's so great and the colours are similar to portra.

Favourite camera to use and why?

My Canon 1V ︎ It's always been reliable to me and it's beautifully built.

What's your favourite photo you've shot on film?

Super hard question! The cover photo of my book is a special image to me. The girl (Natsumi) is a good friend of mine and I was really happy to make her the face on my first publication. 


Any tips for someone who's wanting to start shooting on film?

My old college tutor always said if you want to get into photography you should start with a manual film camera. It forces you to learn how to use a camera completely manually which is super important. Also understanding how to develop the film & print in the dark room feels like a really natural place to begin learning photography.

Experiment with different cameras, but don't become too obsessed with trying to get the same camera as that cool photographer - find one you like using and become a pro with it. The sooner you get confident with your camera, the sooner you start taking great photos.

Best and worst thing about shooting on film?

Best - I will never stop loving shooting on film. You always get the experience of shooting in the moment, not stopping every two seconds to look on the screen. You and your subject can just enjoy shooting organically. 

Worst - In 2020 it has to be the price of buying the film, the prices have skyrocketed this year which really sucks


If you could shadow any photographer for a day, who would it be? Doesn't have to be famous or alive!

I'm going to list a few..
Valerie Phillips - Valerie has been my favourite photographer since I was in college. I was lucky enough to meet her at her book launch in Leeds last year and became friends, we now regularly speak online which is crazy cool. I would love to observe the way she works and hang out on one of her shoots.
Bungo Tsuchiya, Nobuyoshi Araki, Mika Ninagawa, Tim Walker...

Do you work in photography or is it more of a hobby / passion of yours?

I'm currently work as the senior photographer at Nastygal, I've been there for 3 and a half years. Then in my own time I shoot my own work. I am obsessed with photography and i'm lucky to be very self motivated. I plan to move to Tokyo next year to continue my photography career there. 

If money was no object, what camera would you own? 

I've always wanted the Fuji645 ZI. I was offered one for £200 in the past.. probably one of my biggest camera regrets...

Do you shoot colour, black and white or both? Which do you prefer?’

I shoot entirely colour film, however when i'm in Tokyo I carry two point and shoots with me - one with colour and one with black & white. I love a lot of photographers that shoot a lot of black&white (Mario sorenti, Nobuyoshi Araki) but whenever I use b&w film, I find myself always feeling like I have wasted the colour that could have been captured in that scene.