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We're Take it Easy, a family-run indie film lab based in Leeds. Set up in September 2020 by cousins Liam Henry and Joe Singleton, as well as business partner Nick Baines, the lab is now run by a group of friends that have developed over 100,000 rolls of film.

Offering both mail-order and drop-in services, the team are passionate about making sure everyone gets the best film experience possible. Take It Easy Lab doesn't just provide a service that ends with getting your photos back, we offer an inclusive space where amateur, pro, and everything in between can come together, learn and share experiences through exhibitions, events and resources.

We’re passionate about supporting photographers - big and small - and know what it means to have a lab you can trust and rely on.

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Frequently asked questions

Doing our bit for the environment

From our experience of working in film labs in the past we knew how much waste comes from film processing. We wanted to be as sustainable as we could in our lab.

Our chemical waste is collected in the lab by using a Metafix filtration system, which filters the chemicals meaning the waste is safe to be poured down a drain. The silver is also recovered via the system which then goes on to be used in silver jewellery / cutlery etc!

We keep all of the metal film canisters that come from processing your film, selling them to customers who can use them to reload cameras or make little plant holders from!

All of the money from these sales goes to MAP, a Leeds based charity that is an alternative education provider working with young people who are unable to access the mainstream school system.

We also supply plastic film canisters to the creative teams at both Brothers Make and Mull Club.

These canisters are melted down and are used on a wide range of things that you can buy on their websites.

All of the disposable cameras posted to us are sent off to be recycled through the company Swains.

All about customer loyalty

See that little red button on the bottom right? Create an account with us through our loyalty program and you start earning points whenever you make an order. These points add up and can be redeemed as free film developing once you have enough points.

We also use our social media to feature some of the amazing photographs that come through our lab. Any time a photo that we feature on our Instagram, the customer receives 20% off their next order with us. It's only fair!

How your films are processed

At our Leeds based lab we offer film developing, scanning and printing of Colour , Black & White E6 & ECN2 film types. We develop, scan and print from both 35mm and 120 film.

We run on top of the range machinery, with four Noritsu HS1800 scanners.

We print all your 6x4 and digital prints on our Epson Surelab D3000.

Once your films are developed and scanned, we transfer your files via Dropbox and send over your link.

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Same day black and white processing - Take it Easy Lab

Making analogue photography easy

Our sister company Make it Easy is the combination of two groups of friends who want to share their dedication and passion for analog photography.

The idea behind Make it Easy is to provide an environment where people of any background can learn, share and practice analog photography.

Make it Easy came about when The Photo Parlour in Nottingham and Take it Easy Lab in Leeds decided to see how they could create a space to support people, from beginners to current practitioners, in making the mystery of analog photography simple. Through online resources, as well as physical access to facilities such as cameras, darkrooms and scanners, our aim is to help people start making photographs instead of taking them.