What to order when getting Ilford XP2 developed

What to order when getting Ilford XP2 developed

Ordering the wrong type of film developing for rolls of Ilford XP2 is one of the most common mistakes we see our customers make, so we thought we'd help demystify this confusing film stock. 

Is it black and white?

Yes, XP2 does produce black and white images but it isn't a traditional black and white film. Instead of being developed in black and white chemicals in the darkroom, this film stock is developed in the same chemicals as colour film (C41). 


 So, do I order black and white or colour developing?

When placing your order you should class XP2 the same as colour film, as it goes through our V50 developer. Don't worry if you order black and white by mistake, we will amend your order when it arrives with us. 


What are the benefits of using XP2 over traditional black and white film?

There are two main benefits of using XP2 when you're thinking about it from a developing perspective. Firstly, as this is developed the same as colour, getting your film developed works out slightly cheaper than traditional black and white film. 

The fact the film can go through our developer, instead of being developed by hand in a darkroom, means that turnaround on these rolls are also normally slightly quicker than traditional black and white. You can also take advantage of  our 'Same Day' service when using XP2. 


Is XP2 the only black and white film developed in this way?

No, there are other brands of black and white film that are processed in colour chemicals but XP2 is by far the most prolific. If you see C41 anywhere on your roll of film, you know that it needs to be developed as colour.


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