Introducing... Make It Easy

Introducing... Make It Easy

Last week we announced our brand new company, Make It Easy, a place to learn, share and practice analogue photography.⁠

Make It Easy
Formerly The Photo Parlour, the space in Nottingham run by Dan Wheeler will focus on the more educational side of film photography. ⁠

Make It Easy will be running workshops, scanner and darkroom hire, along with mentorships and a walk in film developing for those in Nottingham.⁠

Late last year, the guys at Photo Parlour in Nottingham came up for a chat with us and it turns out that we have a bunch of shared interests and both wanted to focus on education, events and growing the photo community.

So what’s happening? Starting from today we’re on this journey together.

So the first thing we wanted to do is signify that change. The Photo Parlour in Nottingham is from now on… Make It Easy! An environment where people of any background can learn, share and practice analogue photography.

The film processing services here at Take It Easy in Leeds will remain the same. At Make It Easy we’ll be expanding our services so we’re not only a lab, we’re a physical and digital learning resource, a community darkroom, a busy events calendar and much more.

We’re also excited to announce that were facilitating a free 6 month photography mentoring scheme working with Off-Centre and Cultivate. This will give participants the opportunity to learn from us and use the facilities.

Go visit our new Make It Easy website now!