A quick guide to ECN-2 film

A quick guide to ECN-2 film

Put simply, ECN-2 film is motion picture film. It’s becoming an increasingly popular film choice for many film photographers however, until recently it was quite hard to get developed. With our new ECN-2 developing service now launched, we thought we’d create a quick guide to help you get to grips with cine film.

Examples of ECN-2 film

Cine film comes in a variety of types, usually sold in 400ft or 2000ft rolls for shooting motion pictures such as: Kodak Vision3 500T, 50D, 250D, Fuji Eterna 500T. It is also found respooled into 35mm cassettes by companies such as: Seattle Filmworks, SilberSalz35, Flic Film, Signature Color and many more.

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Why are people shooting ECN-2?

The increase in popularity of ECN-2 film is partly down to the fact that it is often much more affordable and easier to get hold of at the moment than standard C41 colour film. With prices of C41 film steadily increasing and supply not being able to keep up with the demand, motion picture film is seen as a great alternative.

Another reason that people are turning to ECN-2 is the excitement of shooting on the same film that brought some of your favourite films to life. When you pick up a roll of ECN-2, you’re shooting on the same film that Directors and Directors of Photography turn to when they film movies, such as Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City.  It is its use in movies that also gives it a beneficial trait that can’t be found in colour film. ECN-2 provides the opportunity to shoot with Tungsten Balanced film, allowing you to shoot under artificial light and get a neutral balance. 

What is the black coating on ECN-2 film?

The black coating on ECN-2 called remjet means that it can’t be processed in the same way as standard colour film and it can cause chaos with developers if one goes through unnoticed. 

This carbon powder-coating provides a useful protective layer when shooting motion pictures. It reduces halation by stopping light refracting off the emulsion and causing a ‘halo’ effect on your frame, creates a defensive layer from scratches, and helps to stop the build up of static electricity, which can cause static discharge to expose on your frame.

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Processing your ECN-2 film 

We’re excited to have launched our new ECN-2 developing service. This service is for any film which has a remjet coating on it, any films such as Cinestill which have already had the remjet layer removed can be processed using the standard C41 processing option.