Plant Based Film Development workshop with Nicholas Fisher

An introduction into the process of creating plant-based photographic Black & White Developers with photographer and darkroom practitioner Nicholas Fisher.


£75.00 per person



About this experience

In this workshop we will discuss the science and process that goes into turning plant matter into B&W developer and subsequently develop your exposed roll of film using plant-based developer.

Participants will take home a processed roll of 35mm B&W film, a bottle of plant-based developer and the knowledge and recipes to experiment further and employ plant-based alternative developers in their own practice.

Ideally participants will have some knowledge of using B&W analogue film and the fundamentals of developing as this workshop will be focussed on the creation of the alternative developer as opposed to an introduction to analogue photography as a whole.

If you would like an introduction into the process of developing your own black and white, why not join our Black and White film developing workshop.

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